Watersport duels thrill the crowds

Sharjah World Championship Week 2019—an adrenaline-fueled, week-long series of world-class powerboat and aquabike racing competitions—delighted the crowds of speed fanatics and sports enthusiasts who had gathered at Khalid Lagoon in December. The event showcased the racing excellence of 85 racers from 30 countries. In a thrilling finale on December 21st, top aquabike racer Jeremy Perez of France seized victory in the 5th Runabout GP1 World Championship, one of the fastest and most demanding sports on water. Sharjah Championship Week 2019 also marked the 20th year of the UIM F1H2O World Championship, the flagship international series of single-seat, inshore circuit Formula 1 powerboat racing. In a nail-biting final, Sweden’s Jonas Andersson delivered a lap-perfect race to win the Grand Prix of Sharjah, only to have the wider world championship title snatched from his grasp on the final lap by defending champion Shaun Torrente. —PD

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