Parian Porcelain: A wall work from the Geo exhibition

Inspired by Nature

Ceramicist Michael Rice is part of the re-emergence of the UAE's craft tradition showcased at Sharjah's 1971 Design Space

Until August 10th, Sharjah’s 1971 Design Space presents the first institutional solo exhibition by the Irish ceramicist Michael Rice. “GEO” seeks to address the materiality of the earth and sees the Dubai-based artist experimenting with light for the first time. Rice is exhibiting newly created works based on porcelain—Parian, bone china and white porcelain—and, with some striking pieces, emphasising their translucence with light. With these new materials he engages with the themes of beauty, form, texture, harmony, symmetry, pattern and tessellation, as well as the critical balance between chaos and order. The exhibition includes a specially commissioned work inspired by a visit to the archaeological centre at Mleiha. The three pieces explore how ceramics have changed over time. The UAE has thriving craft traditions, particularly in ceramics. With his bold, contemporary interpretation, Rice is part of its re-emergence.

When: the exhibition runs until 20:30, Saturday August 10, 2019.  Venue: 1971 Design Space, Flag Island, Sharjah, UAE,

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